Delinte DS8 Tyres Available in Halifax

Delinte DS8



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Superb handling in wet and dry road conditions.
Wet traction grooves:
  • Three wide longitudinal main grooves can evacuate water effectively at high speeds.
Grip optimized groove:
  • The wide angle groove enhances snow grip and evacuates water and snow.
Super Stable Shoulder:
  • The big blocks outside enhance steering and handling performance on wet roads.
Enhanced Wet Grip:
  • The blocks inside are designed for wet and winter roads; the sipes can increase edges which can cut water film.

Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 19 Tyres
Delinte DS8 225/55R19 99HH
Delinte DS8 235/50R19 99WW
Delinte DS8 235/55R19 105WW
Delinte DS8 255/40R19 100YY
Delinte DS8 255/55R19 111WW
Delinte DS8 275/30R19 96WWR
Delinte DS8 275/35R19 100WW
Size 20 Tyres
Delinte DS8 245/35R20 95WW
Delinte DS8 245/45R20 103WW
Delinte DS8 255/30R20 92WWR
Delinte DS8 255/50R20 109YY
Delinte DS8 275/30R20 97WW
Delinte DS8 275/40R20 106WWR
Size 22 Tyres
Delinte DS8 285/35R22 106WWR