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Davanti Wintoura Van


Wintoura Van

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Wintoura VAN has an optimised symmetric tread pattern designed for high traction and good braking performance, even in severe winter conditions.
  • Three circumferential tapered main grooves for aquaplaning resistance and improved traction
  • Robust interlocked centre tread blocks with three dimensional sipes provide reliable performance in all winter conditions
  • Increased tread depth for high mileage and exceptional performance under demanding conditions in snow and on soft/muddy grounds
  • Reinforced shoulder and sidewalls provide additional damage protection
  • Solid carcass and belt construction for heavy load bearing and increased endurance
  • Integrated rim protection


Tread Centre Ribs
Central tread bands feature deep grooves and a high concentration of lateral sipes provide excellent levels of grip on snow and ice.
Circumferential Grooves
Three sawtooth circumferential main grooves, combined with increased tread depth provide high levels of mechanical grip on snow covered or soft ground.
Shoulder Section
Interconnected and staggered tread blocks in the shoulder area provide stability and precise control, even under heavy load.

Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 15 Tyres
Davanti Wintoura Van 205/65R15 102/100TR
Davanti Wintoura Van 215/65R15 104/102TT
Davanti Wintoura Van 215/70R15 109/107RR
Davanti Wintoura Van 215/70R15 113/111RR
Davanti Wintoura Van 225/70R15 112/110RR
Size 16 Tyres
Davanti Wintoura Van 195/60R16 99/97TT
Davanti Wintoura Van 195/65R16 104/102RR
Davanti Wintoura Van 215/65R16 106/104TR
Davanti Wintoura Van 225/75R16 121/120RR