Davanti DX740 Tyres Available in Halifax

Davanti DX740



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Optimised SUV tyre for a fuel efficient, smooth and comfortable drive.
The DX740 offers the optimum balance of wet and dry grip, with a smooth, comfortable and quiet drive.
Inner block pattern
  • The inner block section works in conjunction with the outer-inside block section to dissipate water out of the central grooves and away from the contact zone.
Centre block section
  • Four longitudinal deep grooves run the circumference of the tyre to provide drainage from the road contact areas of the tread pattern.
Outer block section
  • The outer block section contains U shaped grooves which work to both contain noise dissipation and provide grip in muddy conditions. 

Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 16 Tyres
Davanti DX740 215/70R16 100H C C 69
Davanti DX740 225/70R16 103H C B 69
Size 17 Tyres
Davanti DX740 225/60R17 99H C B 69
Davanti DX740 225/65R17 106VVR
Davanti DX740 235/65R17 108V B B 70
Davanti DX740 245/65R17 111HHR
Davanti DX740 255/60R17 110V B B 71
Davanti DX740 255/65R17 110H B B 70
Size 18 Tyres
Davanti DX740 225/55R18 102W C B 70
Davanti DX740 225/60R18 100V C B 69
Davanti DX740 235/60R18 107V B B 70
Davanti DX740 255/60R18 112V B B 72