Avon WM-Van Tyres Available in Halifax

Avon WM-Van



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Product Benefits:

  • Improved winter pattern featuring aggressively profiled tread blocks and a patented tread groove design.
  • Serrations on its inner surface promote traction and enhance braking performance on snow, ice, slush and mud.
  • Heavy siping of the tread blocks aid with traction and braking.
  • Central circumferential rib enhances steering response.
  • Specially formulated tread compound.
  • Specially developed for medium sized vans.
  • Outstanding traction in snow, ice (when fitted with ice studs), slush and mud.

Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 15 Tyres
Avon WM-Van 195/70R15 104/102RR
Size 16 Tyres
Avon WM-Van 195/75R16 107/105RR
Avon WM-Van 235/65R16 115R E B 72